Today we remember… Phillis Wheatley

“But how presumptuous shall we hope to find Divine acceptance with the Almighty mind While yet o deed ungenerous they disgrace And hold in bondage Afric: blameless race Let virtue reign and then accord our prayers Be victory ours and generous freedom theirs.” An excerpt of literature from the Legendary Phillis Wheatley- the First African…
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Kendrick Lamar’s powerful performance and 11 nominations at the 2016 Grammy Awards

Compton born Kendrick Lamar gave an outspoken and outstanding performance during the 58th Annual award show, which started with the Rapper and his┬ádancers walking onto the stage in prison uniforms in a chain-gang style formation. The Artist performed “The Blacker the Berry” and “Alright” from his album To Pimp A Butterfly. The performance addressed the…
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